Madhuramrit (Stevia Liquid)

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Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid is a zero-calorie natural sweetener with zero glycemic indexes that makes a perfectly healthy substitute for sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Unlike chemical sweeteners, Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid is created by using the natural sweetness of Stevia leaves and pure water so that you get the perfect taste.

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Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid does not contain sucralose, aspartame, dextrose, maltodextrin, lactose, etc.

Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid is heat stable, which makes it ideal for cooking and baking.

Stevia Extracts and Distilled Water.
One drop is equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar and artificial sweetener.

Directions for Use:
1 drop per unit of a beverage/dessert/dish.
Try these basic conversions the next time you replace sugar with Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid:
1 teaspoon of sugar = 1 Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid drop

1 tablespoon of sugar = 3 Madhuramrit Stevia Liquid drop

A Zero Calorie Natural Sweetener with NO side effects.
Unlike other sugar substitutes, Stevia is derived from a plant and has NO Calories. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar in the same concentration.

Ingredients :
Stevia liquid extract, Liquid Base (Water) with natural flavors & food-grade preservatives.


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