Dant Sudha Tooth Paste


FACTS TO KNOW: Teeth, one of the invaluable part of our body, are not only to assist in enjoying the food but necessary for respectfully living society, communication and sometimes defense as well.
The food we eat, the beverages we drink and the tobacco we smoke or chew, we would surely attract plaque, germs and tartar. Irrespective of how clean and fresh our mouth area that we may experience today, we are always teeming up with full of harmful bacteria inside our mouth.
An incredible number of them live on our tongue, insides of our mouth and teeth. Actually, micro-organisms enjoy the warmth, damp and constant food supply by our mouth.

KALPAMRIT DANT SUDHA TOOTHPASTE reverses receding Gums with some Herbs in our Toothpaste: Here you will discover the process of making natural antibiotic toothpaste. This natural toothpaste will reverse gum recession naturally. It will not promote the nerves in bad conditions. Antibiotic nature of this toothpaste will hinder all bacteria causing receding gum line. It promotes tissue regrowth and gum repairing process, the moment you start using our toothpaste as these pure natural mixed herbs toothpaste is being used in Ayurveda.

As these herbs and natural toothpaste are being utilized in Ayurveda.

  • Akarkara- it’s used as an herbal tooth powder for gums and teeth. More particularly, the invention provides a formulation that is useful for the treatment of pyorrhea, yellowing/staining of teeth and sensitivity of teeth to hot/cold water and food.
  • Babul - Every day, chewing fresh bark of this tree helps strengthen loose teeth and prevent blood flow from the gums. The dirty teeth can be cleaned by brushing it with mixed herbal toothpaste ingredients.
  • Neem - Neem has amazing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties that provides protection against almost all kinds of micro-organisms. Regular use of neem leaf extracts has been shown to reduce plaque formation, gingivitis, periodontitis, bleeding gums, pustules discharge from gums and bad breath. Keep gum diseases at bay by brushing your teeth with a toothpaste containing neem extracts
  • Turmeric -- Turmeric teeth whitening process, contains a component called curcumin. This component has antibiotic, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which relieve dental ailments such as gingivitis and tooth ache. It is also relieving sensitive teeth. Turmeric mixed with other herbal ingredients remove plaque and also responsible for tooth decay.
  • Cloves -Clove oil is powerful antibacterial and routinely taken in for much better immune. You can use clove mix toothpaste Just applying on affected location to repair receding gums problem. Health benefits of clove oil also include acne treatment, heel spurs, tooth sensitivity and other oral conditions.
  • Pudin - As we know that mint, is also a well-known herb for giving a fresh breath in the mouth. Additional a cooling element gives us the feeling of rejuvenation. So, bacteria and other germ is the main cause of dental diseases like cavities etc. As a result, mint is the triple one oral solution.
  • Miswak - Doctor recommend Miswak for healthy teeth, it contains an antibiotic that prevents the bacteria from growing and limits the plaque formation too. Studies have proven that regular use of Miswak provides protection against gingivitis, carcinogenic bacteria and plaque.

Kalpamrit Ayurved pledge to improve well-being and prosperity of individuals through Ayurveda, an old Indian restorative science increasing globally noticeable quality as an all entire curing organization. The doctors and medical experts at Kalpamrit are completely in favor of using Dant Sudha for maintaining dental health.