Dr. Suman Kumari is a Doctor of Natural Therapeutics. She also holds a Master of Arts and Diploma in Yoga degree.

She is a winner of the Ninth Olympic Yoga Sports World Cup in 2000 and awarded many prestigious National and State level Yoga Championship Awards. She is a qualified Yoga teacher and served in many prestigious organizations including Patanjali Yogpeeth for many years.

Her passion to help mankind and that encouraged her to contribute her services in Kalpamrit Ayurved. Her creative thinking, multi-task positive attitude & leadership are an asset to the organization. She takes initiative and pays attention to small details.

She conducts Yoga camps to spread humanity and a healthy lifestyle, especially among the common people who cannot afford expensive medical treatments. Her focus is always a healthy and quality lifestyle through the intense practice of Yoga and passes on true knowledge to serve mankind.

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Dr. Suman Kumari