Kalpamrit Kalpavita

Enriched with Vitamin B12 and D.
Health benefits:

  • Improves cellular metabolism and energy provider.

  • Stimulate appetite and helpful in blood building due to enriched nutrition.

  • Promotes digestion and mitigate heart burn.

  • Non-toxic and highly helpful in lowering cholesterol.

  • Reduce fluid retention linked to arthritis.

  • Complete health tonic to protect from nervousness because of anxiety, worry and stress.

  • It enhances haemoglobin content and cleanse our body of impurities.

  • Enriched with phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins and it is supplementary source for green blood in the body.

  • It is powerhouse of nutrients and a complete rejuvenating agent.

  • Helpful in weight loss, boost memory power and support healthy level of blood sugar.

  • Help in combating depression and reducing blood pressure.

  • It provides alkaline effect to the body.

  • Helps to reduce morning tiredness.

  • Improve overall wellbeing.

  • Suggested dosage:
    50ml in a day before meal (morning) and along with 100ml of lukewarm water.