Madhumeh Rakshika (Diabetic Capsules)

Known facts about Kalpmarit Madhumeh Rakshika - Ayurveda Medicines for Diabetes:

FACTS TO REMEMBER: Diabetes has become a known monster over the globe. Verities of formulations are in the market where many brands are imposed on practitioners. But the disease is well controlled if the prescription is right.

You are probably wondering how Ayurveda can help in the treatment of a modern lifestyle disease such as diabetes. Since diabetes is a modern lifestyle disease, its treatment should be modern too – right? Not really. Though diabetes is a relatively modern disease and it is usually caused by faulty lifestyle, addressing the working mechanisms of the body can help treat the condition to a large extent. Though there are many synthetic drugs used for the treatment of diabetes, you may have to consume them all through your life to keep it at bay. However, Ayurveda offers you simple herbal remedies which can be used for the complete treatment of this condition. Your sugar levels will fall down and the painful symptoms of this condition will also subside gradually. By using Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, you can improve the quality of your life and add years to it.

The liver and pancreas are the main blood-sugar regulating organs.

  • The pancreas is the small insulin-producing organ that regulates your blood sugar when you are eating. As sugar enters your body, the pancreas produces insulin to address the influx of sugar.
  • If sugar is not converted immediately for to energy, one of two things will happen: the sugar will be stored in reserves in the muscles called glycogen, or it will be stored as fat. The primary responsibility of the pancreas to produce insulin for converting into energy, thus lowering your blood sugar.
  • The liver is the large (very large- three and a half pounds!) organ on the other side of your body that regulates blood sugar when you aren't eating. The liver uses a hormone called Insulin-Like Growth Hormone to raise your blood sugar.
  • Having diabetes doesn’t mean having to follow a completely sugar-free diet. People with diabetes should eat a healthy, balanced diet. You should still be able to enjoy a wide variety of foods too, including some with sugar. The odd small slice of cake won’t affect your health or long-term diabetes management significantly. Sugary drinks, on the other hand, are best avoided.

Diabetes Treatment in Kalpmarit Madhumeh Rakshika capsule in Ayurveda

For Ayurvedic treatment for madhumeh rakshika capsule, the first step is usually dietary planning and lifestyle change, followed by light exercises. Adopting a more active lifestyle, and a healthy, balanced diet low on sugars and starches, is a must. You must begin by avoiding sugars in all forms. This means you will have to get rid of rice, potatoes, white bread, sugar coated cereals, bananas, colocasia and much more. Add a lot of green leafy vegetables to your diet to improve your nutritional status and metabolism. In addition to these, also add some herbs to your diet. Ayurvedic herbs that act as natural medicine for diabetes include karela extract, methi Dana, gudmar, jamul guthli, mango guthli, giloy and vijaysar many more.

Apart from diabetes by Ayurvedic treatment, you could also practice yoga and take medicine like madhumeh rakshika capsule, which can help you improve improve your health. Several yogic asanas help massage your internal organs so that they are healthier and can function much better. Some of the asanas and kalpamrit medicines are especially beneficial for the pancreas, which produce insulin. You may have to make some changes to your lifestyle as well. For starters, you will have to maintain a more active lifestyle. You will also have to avoid sleeping in the daytime. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol and take extra care of your feet.