Building on the famous maxim “A man is what he eats”, Kalpamrit works with certified organic farmers to procure its ingredients and prepares all its ingredients with highest quality and care which does not compromises on taste or nutritional values. In a world of genetically modified agricultural products or excessive toxic use in agro-products Kalpamrit stays true to its values by growing our products naturally.

  • Product Code: 10072 FACTS TO KNOW: It is widely used as an organic termiticide. It is non-toxic & kills termite within a short time without damaging nearby flora.
  • Product Code: 10071 FACTS TO KNOW: FLAGSI Soil Power is compatible with the commonly used fertilizer, Insecticides, and fungicides except which are highly alkaline in nature. Increase rooting and flower formation. It helps in more nutrients & water absorption and improves corps growth. Soil Power being an eco-friendly product ensures safety & suitable for INM. It induces uniform ripening in fruits and vegetables. It prolongs the steerage life of flowers and vegetables and stimulates bud initiation and root growth. It enhances fruit color, growth, and tuber color and makes better quality. It promotes flower production by shortening internode.
  • Product Code: 10068 FACTS TO KNOW: The Biological control agent (Bacillus thuringiensis) also known as Bt is a Bacterial disease-specific to caterpillars. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis, also known as Bti, and Bacillus sphaericus, which affect larval mosquitoes and some mites.
  • Product Code: 10067 FACTS TO KNOW: Increase the permeability of the plant membranes & nutrients uptake. Enhances the growth of soil micro-organism & root development. It is in bio activator and helpful for the decay of other organic matter.
  • Product Code: 10070 FACTS TO KNOW: FLAGSI Fungicide kills the fungi by damaging and inactivating the cell membrane and enzymatic action respectively. It posses contact cum systematic action and so may be used for a wide range of diseases. It performs maximum in the crop with minimum residual effect due to organic in nature.
  • Product Code: 10069 FACTS TO KNOW: It is widely used as organic bactericide. It is most effective against soil borne diseases and used for the control of Rhizoctinia in Rice, Potato, Dumping off Vegetables, Cotton & other crops. It is non-toxic & kills bacteria within short time without damaging nearby flora.