Clear Tox

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FACTS TO KNOW: It’s a complete detoxification formula. It dissolves fat, sometime your arthritis pain may increase but on some days it will help in “aamvata-pitt” and related disease and your pain will be reduced gradually. Don’t worry at all if your pain increase, it will automatically be reduced in two to four days and you will feel better.

Doses: 20 drops in half a cup of lukewarm water twice a day, 30 minutes before having food in the morning & evening.

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It is always good to detox your body as we accumulate toxins in our body from the food that uses pesticides and from our modern stressful lifestyle.

Ingredients :
Ajwain, Ajmod, Lehsun, Aloevera, Apmarg, Arjun, Dalchini, Kalonji, Punarnava, Moringa, Triphala, Apple vinegar.


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