FIR(Far Infrared Rays) & Negative Ion Waist Belt

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Facts to know: Kalpamrit offers a very innovative range of FIR (Far Infrared Rays) & Negative Ion textile product therapeutic Waist Belt for Men and Women. It is designed for Comfort Fit & Well-Being and beside the benefits, it assures the wearer the perfect image & pride, which is a vital part of social status.



Composition: Cotton 10%, Nylon 65% & Polyurethane 25%.
Origin: Raw materials are produced in Japan & final product made in South Korea.
Benefits of using Kalpamrit FIR (Far Infrared Rays) & Negative Ion Waist Belt
on Human Body:

• It uses the latest technology combining a special Spa & Bio-Ceramics.
• Coated on the fabric & the wearer enjoys nature’s gift to help to relieve the pain.
• Great help to thermo-regulate the temperature of the body in all seasons, cool in summer & warm in winter.
• Improve oxygen level in the body, blood circulation & metabolism.
• Balance natural immune system & activates water molecules in our body.

Far Infrared Rays (General Features):

• FIR is the longest wavelength among the light, whose spectrum (4-16 micron) is most beneficial for the human body.
• This beneficial ray vitalizes the Biological function of the human body and has mysterious action of heat balancing, ripening action, intellectual, drying, neutralizing & resonance.
• The rays not only benefit the skin and muscles but all cells including blood vessels, lymph & sweat glands, and nerves as well.
• When it comes to contact with the molecules of water and protein, it begins to shake the cells 2000 times a minute.
• This enables the cells to activate and prevent all kinds of diseases by increasing blood circulation, metabolism, relieving chronic fatigue, and reducing aches and pains.
• It further benefits by improving blood circulation, removing toxins, burning calories, relieving pain, and improves the immune system.
• This ray is easily absorbed by the human body reaching as far as 4-5 cm into the body. It helps in all aspects of bodily growth & development in both the human body & living creatures.
• Also causes a warm effect and travel in straight lines.

Six Major effects of Far-infrared Rays:

• Increase the growth of immature/retarded children or teenagers (Ripening action).
• Keeping the nutrient balance of calcium & iron elements within the body (Intellectual action).
• Keeping the proper level of moisture that maintains body temperature (Drying action).
• Extracts the waste materials thereby neutralizing the sweat and bad smell (Neutralizing action)
• Raises the temperature when the body temperature lowers, lowers the temperature when the body temperature rises (Heat balancing action).
• Dissolves the nutrient elements of the fat, protein, carbohydrate, and then keeping the balance of nutrition. Also by resonating the atoms and particles of cells, resulting to keep the body strong (Resonance action).

Bio-Ceramic( General Features):

• In our daily life, we use ceramics. They are made of clay & burnt in oxidizing components.
• Negative Ion is referred to as “Vitamins in the air” like breathing in Fresh air near of waterfall. It helps neutralize acidity & raise alkalinity. It enables greatly the cells to be in the normal function of absorption of nutrition and elimination of waste materials in our body.
• Scientific research shows that ceramics emit very strong Far Infrared Rays (FIR) during high heat.
• This is the reason why food tastes better & medicine is made more effective when being cooked or boiled in a ceramic cooker.
• Normal ceramics produce FIR with a long wavelength of 0.3 – 1000 micron, which is not absorbed by the human body.
• More than 20 ceramic and various mineral oxides mixed & preheated to 1600 degree Celsius to make a fine powder and are shaped into a variety of bio-ceramics and negative ion products radiating 13 M wavelength rays as the original one we receive from mother nature.

Five Major effects of Negative Ion:

Purification action of blood: The negative ions purify the blood by increasing the number of ion rates of five (5) elements of oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, sodium & potassium within the blood, and by raising alkalinity it enhances the immune system.
Restoration action of cell: The human body is made of about six (6) trillion cells, among which the cells with more negative ions of alkali state keep moving actively. As a result, the activities of muscles, particularly the cardiac muscles move fast and it keeps our heart in healthy condition.
Increase reinforcement of the immune system of our bodies against diseases: The gamma groping is a kind of protein contained in the blood serum, and becomes increasing within our body if the number of the minus ions become increasing acting as the antibody with the immunity from diseases. Therefore keeping our body in a healthy condition.
Control action of autonomic nerve: The autonomic nerve automatically controls all of the human body organs without regard to the intention of humans. The quantities of minus ions make the autonomic nerves controlled benefit our body/feelings. This action strengthens the function of the nervous system, cells, lymph, and other organs, making your body feel energetic for any activities.
Alleviating action of cells under pains: The minus ions have the number of ionized calcium increased, and generated the element materials of endorphin and encoring, thereby having us recovered from fatigues, strengthening our body, keeping cells under pain into healthy cells and alleviating the pains.
• Dissolves the nutrient elements of the fat, protein, carbohydrate, and then keeping the balance of nutrition. Also by resonating the atoms and particles of cells, resulting to keep the body strong (Resonance action).


a. Improve the perspiration system & Improve strength and health.
b. Prevention of bacteria growth & Speed up the repair of body cells.
c. Softening of hard water & balance of blood cholesterol.
d. Relieving of Pain & prevent mold.
e. Maintain warmth and better sleep.
f. Eliminates bad odours, enhance and maintain freshness.
g. Purification of air, water and help plants to grow better.


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