FLAGSI Power Grow (Organic)

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Increase the permeability of the plant membranes & nutrients uptake.
Enhances the growth of soil micro-organism & root development.
It is in bio activator and helpful for the decay of other organic matter.


It contains a large trace of K and natural hormones that strengthen roots and Plants’ overall system.
It lowers vulnerability against plant pathogen and repels many unwanted pests and insects.
It improves the uptake of nutrients and seed germination and increases yield through abundant harvest.
Reduces the dependence on commercial fertilizers like DAP, Urea, etc.
It increases the size of the fruits.
Improve soil structure and water retention.
Doses:2-3 ml per liter of water.

Uses: All horticultural & agricultural corps.

Ingredients :
Per 100 ml contains Nitrogent (N) +P205, Potash > 3%, Ca + Mg + Zn >0.91, Amino Acid > 1.88, I + Mn 500-800 ppm, Cytokinin + Alginic + Manitol + GA 0.5%.


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