Kalpamrit FLAGSI Fungicide (Organic)

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FLAGSI Fungicide kills the fungi by damaging and inactivating the cell membrane and enzymatic action respectively.
It posses contact cum systematic action and so may be used for a wide range of diseases.
It performs maximum in the crop with minimum residual effect due to organic in nature.


It is very much compatible with most of the chemical fungicides, vermicides, and insecticides.
It can be used broadly preventive as well as curative.
Its combination with unique active substances leads to better diseases management in most agricultural and horticultural corps.
Doses:2.5 ml per liter of water.

Uses: All horticultural & agricultural corps.

Ingredients :
Per 100 ml contains Nitrogent (N) +P205, Potash > 3%, Ca + Mg + Zn >0.91, Amino Acid > 1.88, I + Mn 500-800 ppm, Cytokinin + Alginic + Manitol + GA 0.5%.


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