Kalpamrit FLAGSI Soil Power (Organic)

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FLAGSI Soil Power is compatible with the commonly used fertilizer, Insecticides, and fungicides except which are highly alkaline in nature.

Increase rooting and flower formation.

It helps in more nutrients & water absorption and improves corps growth.

Soil Power being an eco-friendly product ensures safety & suitable for INM.

It induces uniform ripening in fruits and vegetables.

It prolongs the steerage life of flowers and vegetables and stimulates bud initiation and root growth.

It enhances fruit color, growth, and tuber color and makes better quality.

It promotes flower production by shortening internode.



Apply 3-4 Kg per acre for field crops, vegetables, and other cash crops.
Apply 25-50 gm/tree twice a year for fruit crops depending on age.


Soil Power is an advanced technology formula.

Soil Power, are substances naturally produced by plants, substances that control normal plant function, such as root growth, fruit set and drop, growth, and other developmental processes.

Soil Power, granules is a wholly natural herbal strengthener and yield enhancer for maximizing crop yield among the farming community.

Ingredients :
Per 100 ml contains Liquid biomass containing marine plant extract 25%, Other inherent nutrients contained in products of vegetables and animal origin 25%, Amino acid complex humas substances with fulvic complex traces of other micronutrients 25%, Zn, Ca, Bo, Mn, Mg, Cytokinins, Hormones 25%.


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