Tomato Ketchup

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Facts to know: Kalpamrit sources 100% of its tomatoes from sustainable sources thereby helping create and support several local smallholder farmers’ livelihoods.

Is easy to pour and use and can be enjoyed with every snack.



Made with 100% real tomatoes.

Contains extracts of spice, onion, and garlic for mouth-watering savor.

Turns a boring meal into an empty tiffin.

Enjoy it best with samosas, pakoras, noodles, or Roti roll for an interesting tiffin meal.

Carefully sealed in impermeable glass packaging to retain the best flavor and taste of the product.

Ingredients :
Water, Sugar, Tomato Paste (35%), Onion & Garlic, Salt, Acidity, Regulator (260), Stabilizer (1422, 415), Preservative (211), Spices and condiments. Contains Permitted, Class II Preservative.


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