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FACTS TO KNOW: Ayurveda has the oldest, most developed herbal system in the world – it has been in continuous use for at least 5,000 years. The ancient Vedic seers in India compiled and classified the medicinal and healing properties of hundreds of herbs into an herbal healing system that can be accessed and utilized by anyone in our contemporary lives. Since ancient times, humans and plants have had a very spiritual connection – plants capture solar energy and convert it into nutrients that humans can digest. Plants do this by transforming sunlight into chlorophyll, which can then be assimilated by the human body.



Each and every herb in Ayurvedic herbology has a multitude of benefits – for the mind, body, and spirit. Herbs can be used internally or externally (through the skin) – or even used as aromatherapy. From weight loss to beautiful skin to overall vitality.
Turmeric is used extensively in the Indian systems of medicine effects. Its modern approved applications in European medicine stem from its traditional uses in Asia. The healing properties of turmeric have made it a most sought after ingredient in cosmetics and drugs. You can find the turmeric powder, juice in your kitchen. Turmeric or Haldi Beauty of the kitchen has the following health uses
Turmeric comes to extensive use in treating an allergic malady. In the skin ailment of Urticaria, when there are severe itching and rash on the skin, the preparations of turmeric come as a drug of choice.
The fumes produced by burning a piece of raw turmeric are to be inhaled. This is an excellent cure for a blocked nose.
In case of a bite by a poisonous organism like Scorpio, spider, etc turmeric again comes to rescue. In Ayurvedic texts, it has been told that the fumes of burning turmeric can combat the toxicity and pain caused by the bite. Another remedy is to mix turmeric and sesame seed oil and massage the mixture into the place of the bite.
Turmeric aids greatly in reducing inflammation in the body thus helping to reduce pain and halt the incessant damage caused by the inflammation. This is a boon when dealing with ailments like arthritis, eczema, allergies, autoimmune diseases, digestive problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple scleroses, and psoriasis, fibromyalgia, and skin issues.
Compelling research hails Turmeric as one of the best cancer-fighting foods! Curcumin has been seen to identify potential cancer cells, inhibit certain cancer cells, restrain or slow the growth and spread of some cancers, destroy cancer cells, and provide an anti-inflammatory response. Clinical findings advocate that people who regularly consume turmeric have a lower risk for every type of cancer.
Turmeric powder’s use dates back to Vedic Indian culture. It’s an age-old remedy for cold and sore throat, just sprinkle some turmeric powder in a cup of milk along with ghee and honey for cough relief.

Ingredients :
Turmeric powder.


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