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Kalpamrit Zero Impact – “Neutralize Technical Radiation”

FACTS TO KNOW: Kalpamrit Zero Impact – Neutralizer of Technical Radiation is developed, designed, and produced in European Union Slovenia & Germany.



Kalpamrit Zero Impact – neutralizer of technical radiation of mobile phones and screens, a simple and fast solution to eliminate the effects of negative radiation from our environment. We will learn about the basic characteristics of technical radiation of mobile telephones and their danger, and consequently the increasing stress that harms us in the long run. Why present technical radiation? Primarily because the network of technical radiation is increasing daily and the harmful antenna radiation diagrams transmit extensive frequencies that harm our environment because of the dangerous intrusion of radiation. Such intrusion is sensed too slowly, and a person does not feel it until it causes physical problems. Then we can start speaking of the harmful effects of technical radiation.

Short Presentation of Technical Radiation:

What will be the consequences of decades of mobile phone use?

There has been a lot of discussions lately about electromagnetic radiation of mobile telephony basic stations, but there has been almost no consideration of the problem of radiation of portable or mobile phones. The number of mobile phones in use increases every year. It is not unusual for a person to own two mobile phones or more. We are slowly approaching the time when 100 percent of the households will own mobile phones, meaning that every household will own at least one mobile phone. This means that it is reasonable to state it is an indisputable fact that mobile phones are generally present in our everyday life. There is less discussion, however, on the consequences of everyday use of mobile telephones for our health. In the following text, we will learn about the measured characteristics of electromagnetic mobile phone radiation. We should also ask the question: what consequences will intensive mobile phone use have for humanity, and how can we protect ourselves?

High technical radiation charge:

We realize more and more every day that mobile phones, TV sets, and other screens harm human health in the long run. Discussions in the country and abroad have proved that the radiation of these devices causes the irregular activity of hormone endocrine glands. Consequently, this may lead to hormonal changes in the organism, resulting in mental fatigue, meaning that a person feels worse and his or her mental activities are reduced. In the event of indifference and prolonged exposure to technical radiation, the organism may respond irregularly on a physical level.

During the conversation, a mobile GSM phone will emit at the frequencies of 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz. The emission power of an analog phone is 0,6 W, and that of a digital phone is 0,125 W. Let us see what the Decree on electromagnetic radiation in the natural and living environment says on this subject (Official Gazette of RS, No. 70/1996, 41/2004), amended on the basis of the new Environment Protection Act of 2004. This act limits the density of power flow (one of the values of electromagnetic radiation) to 0,425 W per square meter at a frequency of 850 MHz.

In practice, this means that in a glass ball with a diameter of 2 cm, the surface of the ball could be »illuminated« by a light bulb with the power of 0,4 W, but of course, light bulbs with such low power are not even sold. If we place into this glass ball a 1 cm long mobile phone antenna with the power of 0,6 W, the surface of the ball will be »illuminated« with 60 mW per square centimeter, which equals 6 W per square meter. This is more than permitted by the Decree on electromagnetic radiation in the natural and living environment. Since a GSM antenna (visible or hidden) is only some centimeters away from a person’s head, the charge is much higher than we realize. When we speak into a mobile phone, our voice is transferred through the antenna as radiofrequency radiation between 800 MHz and 1990 MHz. This level is exactly in the middle of the endurance of our brain. So, the radiation accesses the brain directly through the skull, because most of the radiation of the phone comes through the upper part of the phone, where the loudspeaker is located. Dr. Kiell Hansson Mild from Sweden studied 11.000 students using mobile phones and established that symptoms like fatigue, headache, and lack of will power… were more frequent in those who made longer calls. Among others, a study in Germany showed an increased occurrence of cancer in the vicinity of base stations, and an EU research project showed that electromagnetic radiation emitted by mobile phones can cause cell damage.

Heating of tissue during telephoning:

The position of the telephone in the hand, the influence of the position of the head, and the electromagnetic field in the immediate vicinity are factors that change the antenna radiation diagram. A new term – SAR – was introduced soon after the discovery of mobile telephony. The abbreviation for Specific Absorption Rate tells us how much power (W) per kilogram of human tissue is absorbed into the body. The purpose of introducing this term was to determine the level of electrical power that human tissue can stand without consequences. The problem is that mobile phone manufacturers and various institutions determine the SAR value themselves, based on computer models of human tissue, which does not guarantee that the results are accurate, as a theoretical computer model is not equal to the tissue of a living organism.

Other ways of measuring the influence of technical radiation on man are radiation and the use of the Kirlian camera. By using these methods, we can see in practice how a person’s electromagnetic field (aura) changes in the presence of a source of radiation. This method was used when checking the efficiency of Biotralizer, which will be illustrated in the following text.

Summary of the report by the Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences:

The Kalpamrit Zero Impact, presented in this report, was designed after the idea of Mr. J. Saviozzi. Tests were performed at the laboratory of cognitive modeling of the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences.

The purpose of the study was to use a Kirlian camera to carry out a comparative analysis of the influence of operating mobile phones on the human bioelectromagnetic field, and to check the efficiency of protection by J. Saviozzi’s Zero Impact. Each group consisted of 25 volunteers, who were not aware of whether they were carrying phones with or without Kalpamrit Zero Impact.

Pictures of the bioelectromagnetic field were taken by means of a Crown-TV camera before carrying an operating mobile phone, and after having carried it for one hour (without phone conversation). The phone was hung around the neck at the level of the heart. The report describes only the camera, the measuring process, the results, and the conclusions.

The report shows that mobile phones affect the human electromagnetic field (aura). With the help of the Kalpamrit Zero Impact, all parameters change so that all the negative effects of the radiation are neutralized, and the activity of the aura augments as well.

Conclusion of the report:

Mobile phones have a negative effect on the human bioelectromagnetic field (the coronas of the human bio field are smaller, more fragmented, and incomplete);
The Kalpamrit Zero Impact protection by J. Saviozzi neutralizes the effect of mobile phones, as the coronas are larger, less fragmented, and more complete. Comparing to the control group, we may say that Kalpamrit Zero Impact also has a positive effect, since it not only protects from mobile phone radiation but also additionally stimulates and strengthens the human bioelectromagnetic field.
Conclusion of Presentation:

We will conclude with the understanding that the mobile phone and screen protection Kalpamrit Zero Impact is more and more recognized in Europe and abroad, as mobile phone users in our country and elsewhere are increasingly becoming aware of harmful radiation, and they need to be able to use their devices safely. They realize that the more sophisticated a telephone is, the stronger it radiates.

For that reason, the demand for suitable protection against technical radiation may already rise at places where mobile phones are sold, and users may demand such protection to be available as one of the accessories.

“An Ounce of PREVENTION is worth …… a Pound of CURE”

We believe it is worth considering, who will be the first to offer to the mobile phones users, this life-saving protection Kalpamrit Zero Impact -anti-radiation circuit.

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